Our Customers

Our clients are not only consulting and It companies, but also engineering, audit, or actuarial companies.

  • Henri Pech

    CEO / Kaori
  • Quentin Gillard

    CEO / Warren Walter
  • David Fitouchi

    CEO / Actuelia
  • All the billing and the activity reports were handled with Excel. AlibeeZ enabled us to automate the billing from the activity reports. We have decreased our bills sending time by 10 days. Moreover, the interface is nice and facilitates everybody’s life, especially consultants’. And finally, AlibeeZ is really adapted to our structure. AlibeeZ directors are easy to reach and reactive.

  • We used to manage our activity with Excel spreadsheets. We wished to equip the company in order to grow. The tool allows us to capitalize on the data we collect and to set up processes on recruitment and CRM. AlibeeZ is a nice tool, it is really the image of our company and this counts a lot because our employees are happy to use it. I also appreciate the attentiveness and the proximity of the directors.

  • The monitoring of our projects and bills of expenses was previously managed with Excel. AlibeeZ enabled us to rationalize the collecting and validation process, as well as to simplify the rebilling to our clients. It allowed us to accelerate and improve the quality of the billing.

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